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Broussard Healthcare Consulting empowers your organization with up-to-date training. Our most popular training opportunities center on Hospital Readmissions, QAPI, QM/QI Data, MDS 3.0, Case Mix, Restorative Nursing, DON Bootcamp, RAC, and the Medicare Start-up Program, but we also customize programs on any topic your facility requires. Just give us a call to find out how we can help your team improve their skills, knowledge and performance.

Moira Reeves RN, RAC-CTA

With over 26 years’ experience in Long Term Care, Moira has held the position of Charge Nurse, MDS Nurse, ADON, DON, Regional Support, Corporate Nurse and Consultant.  Her expertise in Long-Term Care includes assisting facilities with the implementation of appropriate resident care policies and procedures. Conduct and/or assist with assessment of level of care and make recommendations regarding staffing, assignments, referrals and admissions, and training.  Continuously provides education and training to assist facilities with the oversight and maintenance of staff development programs, including staff efficiency with systems utilization and documentation.   Assist facilities in maintaining a constant state of readiness for all regulatory surveys, creating and achieving survey Plan of Corrections, conducts consistent reviews of facility QI reports to ensure and maintain compliance.  Ensures that facilities adhere to clinical policies, procedures, and systems set forth by the company.

Lea Ann Walsh RN

Lea Ann brings a combined 40 years’ experience as an RN with 20 years of expertise in clinical/management in the Long-Term Care industry.  As an effective Director of Nursing, Director of Marketing, Regional Director of Clinical Operations and RN Nurse Consultant, Lea Ann facilitates clinical accountability with management.   Assists the Quality Management and Clinical Services to coordinate and conduct clinically oriented training and meetings.  Reviews and updates facility/regional management teams on Federal, State, and Local regulations and monitors compliance.  Communicates with regional team managers (e.g. dietary, finance, marketing, reimbursement, pharmacy, rehabilitation, etc.) regarding quality issues and customer satisfaction concerns.  Attends stand-up meeting, department head meeting, Weekly Focus meetings, care planning conference, Risk Management Meeting etc. and provides guidance to increase effectiveness.  Monitors training of staff in use of software for long term care documentation, partnering with hospitals to decrease hospitalizations.

Sandy McGee,  Nurse Consultant, RAC-CT

Sandy’s experience spans over 32 years in Long Term Care.  Sandy provides corporate-wide MDS support services, numerous mock surveys, regulatory compliance correction and clinical documentation support.  Most recently she has been instrumental in providing clients with support and oversight for PDPM accuracy.

Karen Brown RN

Karen Brown is our most recent Nurse Consultant to join Broussard Healthcare Consulting.  With over 23 years of experience, Karen is a licensed RN in Louisiana and Texas, a Director of Nursing in Long-Term Care, a Regional Nurse Consultant in Regulatory and Reimbursement Clinical Services and Director of Clinical Reimbursement and Compliance for ADR Processes.  Primarily responsible for overseeing clinical reimbursement initiatives, track, trend and identify areas of improvement as well as opportunities for growth.  Ensured that reimbursement structures were managed, evaluated and captured accurate resource utilization at all the facility levels.

Bridget Pete RN, RAC-CT

With over 13 years as a Nurse Consultant, Bridget’s expertise is primarily in Utilization Review for MDS assessments.   Bridget’s extensive knowledge of medical terminology, ICD-10-CM coding, Advanced Beneficiary Notice Guidelines and nursing documentation requirements ensures Medicare compliance.  Bridget provides onsite and/or remote Case Mix Reviews, Care Plan Reviews and Medical Claim/Appeal Reviews.