As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to evolve, it’s vital that long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations stay up to date on the latest information.

Our mission at Broussard Healthcare Consulting is to provide COVID-19 information and resources to help all facilities in the long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) spectrum better understand the virus, minimize its spread among residents/patients, employees and visitors, and manage suspected cases within facilities.

We have been providing remote consulting for several facilities to ensure compliance and to identify and correct deficient practices in order to control and prevent the transmission of the virus.

Contact us and schedule a call to emphasize what resources and tools you need to implement, in conjunction with the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, to perform a self‐assessment of your facility.

Focus Topics:

  • COVID-19 Focused Survey Protocol
  • COVID-19 Focused Survey/Facility Self-Assessment
  • COVID-19 Entrance Conference Worksheet

Additional Focus Topics:

  • Infection Prevention and Control Program policies and procedures
  • Surveillance Program
  • Emergency Preparedness Policy and Procedure including emergency Staffing Strategies

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